Murban Movers: Who We Are

Murban Movers Ltd was incorporated in the Republic of Kenya in February 2007. Murban Movers Limited’s core business is transporting petroleum products with a state of the art fleet of petroleum tankers.

We have attained a diverse client base ranging from leading corporate entities to small and medium sized enterprises in East and Central Africa.

Murban Movers’ vision is to be the premium petroleum products logistics partner within East and Central Africa by consistently improving the transportation of petroleum products as well as ensuring that our client values are our key objective.

Murban Movers’ mission is to be your effective and indispensable partner in building and strengthening your brand equities, through the provision of effective and efficient state of the art transportation and supply of petroleum products.

We at Murban Movers know that the growth of our company is synonymous with the growth of our clients’ business. To realize this mutual growth, we establish strong ties with our clients and devote our full efforts to break through the boundaries of the conventional. It’s a breakthrough for our company as well as for yours. And it’s possible only by making the most of Murban Movers resources and by implementing its innovative strategies and tactics.

In order to achieve our goals we shall take our clients on an invigorating journey, to challenge, strengthen, and build our relationships through the following values:

  • To position Murban Movers as the number one choice of preference for fuel logistics taking into consideration the society, industry, and environment around us.
  • To explore impactful, innovative, and unconventional opportunities of transporting petroleum products. By employing well trained and experienced employees who are at the forefront of technology and driven.
  • To ignite desire for you brands, businesses, and people by going beyond the extra mile. By drawing on the deep and broad expertise in fuel transportation, innovation, and customer insight to help us provide better answers to the challenges we face today in the transport industry.
  • To develop and maintain the highest echelon of service to our clients by continuously ensuring timely supply of quality products with minimum client input
  • To achieve immense investor confidence by gearing our core business and financial ethics towards consistently increasing their return on investment

Murban Movers benefits from its specialized client base ranging from multinational oil companies, regional oil marketers, retail stations, industries, and construction and mining companies.

Our regional span covers the following countries: Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

Our Services

Being a transport company centered on the movement of fluid, we offer a complement of petroleum products transportation services including:

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Bulk transportation of premium motor spirit (PMS)
Bulk transportation of automotive gas oil (AGO)
Bulk transportation of fuel oil (FO-125, FO-180) & industrial diesel oil (IDO)

We offer the complete package where all you have to do is ask for the petroleum products and we do the rest.

Transportation of petroleum products is a specialized trade and to that accord we realized that our prospective clients were missing a key ingredient, a fully specialized and dedicated petroleum products transporter. We want you to worry about what to do with your fuel not how to get it to where you need it when you need it. This can only be achieved on a consistent basis by having a fleet of the finest petroleum tankers in the industry.

Our Fleet

Due to the hazardous nature of our business we at Murban Movers are fully geared towards the implementation and schooling of the latest technologies in transportation and safety.

Thus we acquire state of the art brand new Mercedes-Benz Actros 3340s prime movers, providing us with the latest in automotive technology designed for the African continent. As our mission statement drives us, we at Murban Movers could only opt for the most proven prime movers in our region.

Striving to be at the forefront of our industry, our tankers are manufactured by the leading producers of local tankers namely: Bhachu Industries Ltd and Randon Trailers East Africa Ltd and are all mono-bloc semitrailers. This is known to be the safest mode of road transportation of petroleum products due to the increase stability of the tankers.

A fleet of this caliber can only perform if managed well; thus, we have adopted a robust fleet management and electronic cargo tracking system, and are always looking at new and innovative ways to manage our clients stocks. All our vehicles are equipped with on-board-computers (OBCs). Furthermore, and critical to our business is maintenance, we have set up a custom designed ultra-modern workshop which will ensure our fleet works like new.

Some of our Clients

Our Business Structure

Compact, effective, and industrious Murban Movers operates in a highly laborious industry that requires key personnel at the various divisions of the organization. Thus the company comprise of the following departments:

  • Sales & Distribution
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Human Resources & Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Information and Communications Technology

We have a dynamic, well experienced, and qualified team of managers heading these core departments in addition to an indispensable team of highly motivated employees.

Murban Movers recognizes that a decisive ingredient to achieving all its goals is having a satisfied yet exceedingly driven team leading it there. Thus the company is committed to keeping the employee needs close at mind with regards to training, career progression, and personal development.

Health & Safety

Given the nature of the products we handle, we at Murban Movers ensure that safety is our paramount priority. We make sure all the personnel are fully trained in the latest safety industry – standard procedures.

In every business undertaking, Murban Movers promotes and strives to foster a society of environmentally conscious individuals and best practices towards preserving our environment.

This can only be achieved by re-engineering our thought process to meet our environments ever changing needs through educating our employees and clients.

Highly Qualified Team

  • Mr. Vishal Pankaj Somaia
    Mr. Vishal Pankaj Somaia
    Managing Director
  • Mr. Amar Pandya
    Mr. Amar Pandya
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Nikhil Patel
    Mr. Nikhil Patel
    Procurement and Maintenance Manager
  • Mr. Pratik Kamdar
    Mr. Pratik Kamdar
    Commercial Manager
  • Mrs. Ishi Somaia
    Mrs. Ishi Somaia
    Retail Business and Logistics Manager
  • Mr. Festus Kioko
    Mr. Festus Kioko
    Finance Manager

Our Future

We at Murban Movers will partner with you to harness the power of your product, not only do we want to be your primary petroleum products transporter, we will be your total logistics partner.

By engaging with the top most expertise within our business you can be assured to experience the best there is in this industry

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